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Embodied Critical Thinking Thinking at the Edge

Knowing is more than conceptual thinking and logical arguments. Feeling and lived experience is always in the background in reflective, creative and research processes. To foster creative and communal as well as independent and problem oriented thinking requires connecting with an experiential basis. But how do we deliberately draw upon and engage these felt meanings?

The research project Embodied Critical Thinking (ect.hi.is) invites researchers, teachers, students, and anyone interested in cultivating critical and creative thinking, to join us at this workshop. The workshop draws upon Eugene Gendlin’s philosophical technique of “Thinking at the Edge” which allow the embodied, experiential, and felt, backgrounds to develop and become explicit. Internationally leading transdisciplinary researchers will guide us through both the theory and the practice of embodied critical thinking.The workshop sessions are open to the public. Registration is not required.

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