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Donata Schoeller gestaprófessor í heimspeki

Donata Schoeller is a new Guest Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iceland. She will be teaching in the spring semester. Her seminar introduces the main concepts, research-methods and practices of the international research project Embodied Critical Thinking. The seminar is an inquiry into an embodiedunderstanding of mind, a discussion of its effects on human self understanding and on the practice of critical thinking.  

Donata Schoeller is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Koblenz. Her research focuses on the embodied approach to mind and meaning, based on hermeneutical, phenomenological, pragmatist and psychotherapeutic perspectives, as well as on the cognitive sciences. Her new book Close Talking: Erleben zu Sprache bringen is to be published by De Gruyter in 2019, she elaborates a process that characterizes humans as beings that are in need to symbolically clarify and formulate how and what they experience, think and feel. Among her recent publications are: Saying What We Mean, edited together with Ed Casey (Northwestern University Press), and Thinking Thinking, edited together wie Vera Saller (Alber Verlag). She has translated Eugene Gendlin’s main philosophical work A Process Model into German with a first time introduction. Donata Schoeller publishes frequently in international journals like Continental Philosophy Review, Mind and Matter, Nietzsche Studien, Deutsche Zeitschrift fuer Philosophie. She is a trainer in the mindfulness practices of Focusing and Thinking-at-the-Edge, which she teaches at universities internationally. She has been trained in the Elicitation-Method by Claire Petitmengin and is part of the Micro-Phenomenology Laboratory, Paris.


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