NoSP2023 Conference Program

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Thursday April 27th

9.30 Registration and Coffee. Háskólatorg.

10.00 Welcome Address. Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir.

10.15 Keynote Lecture. Claire Petitmengin: Exploring the Felt Dimension of Experience through Micro-phenomenology. Chair: Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir. O101.

11.45 Lunch.

13.30-15:00 Parallel Sessions.

We, Us and Them
Chair: Marianne Klinke
Room: O104

Listening, Acknowledging and Faith
Chair: Minna-Kerttu Kekki
Room: O105

Movement and Dance
Chair: Anthony Fernandez
Room: O106

World, Style and Other
Chair: Søren Overgaard
Room: G139

Lucia Angelino: Questioning the Us vs Them Opposition with Freud and Waldenfels

Tristan Hedges: 'We' and 'Us': The Power of the Third for the First-person Plural

Theodor Rolfsen and Espen Dahl: Phenomenology of Pain and Pleasure – Henry and Levinas

Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir: Listening to Fatigue: Phenomenological Interviews with ME/CFS Patients in Iceland about Different Kinds of Fatigue

Ståle Finke: Knowing and Acknowledging Trauma –

Jan Halák: How Intentionality Matters: a Phenomenological Account of Motor Learning and Rehabilitation

Susanne Ravn: Merleau-Ponty and improvisation: reconsidering the optimal grip in movement-driven practices

Anna Petronella Foultier: Affectivity in the Artistic Experience of Dance

Emanuele Soldinger: Phenomenology: Sense Data in Empiriocriticism and the Life-World in Husserl

Alexandru Bejinariu: Sensations of Foreignness

15.00 Coffee break: Háskólatorg.

15.15-16.45 Parallel Sessions

Self and Normativity
Chair: Gústav Adolf Bergmann Sigurbjörnsson
Room: O104

Love and Desire
Chair: Minna-Kerttu Kekki
Room: O105

Critical Phenomenologies of Gender and Ageing
Chair: Valgerður Pálmadóttir
Room: O106

The Limits of Experience: Merleau-Ponty and Derrida 
Chair:  Thor Magnusson
Room: G139

Martina Properzi: Normativity and the Minimal Self.

Maxime Doyon: Perceptual Plasticity and Normativity.

Sarah Bloem: Neurodiversity and Normativity in Phenomenological Accounts of Autistic Sensory Experience.

Rita Niineste: Three Types of Intersubjectivity in Sexual Experiences.

Milla Rantala: Mutual Transformation: The Dynamic Structure of an Intimate Love Relationship.

Joni P. Puranen: Toward an Ontology of (Ex-) tending Bodies, with Jean-Luc Nancy’s Ecstatic Desire.

Marjolein de Boer: Myths of Menopause. A Critical Cultural Phenomenology.

Hans-Georg Eilenberger: The Strangeness of Old Bodies.

Sujitha Parshi: Derrida and the Machine: Thinking the Future at the Limits of Experience.

Martta Heikkilä: Visions of Blindness: Merleau-Ponty and Derrida on the Invisible.

Erik Lind: Absolute or Relative Sensations? A Jamesian Challenge to Merleau-Ponty’s Structural Account of Perception.

16.30 Reception: Aðalbygging (Main Building).


Friday April 28th

8.30 Coffee: Háskólatorg.

9.15 Keynote Lecture. Donata Schoeller: The Crux with Language: Conceptualisation as an Entry-point to Pre-reflexive Experiencing. Chair: Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir. O101

10.30 Break

10.45 Keynote Lecture. Naohiko Mimura: Gendlin and New Phenomenology: Application to Rehabilitation Medicine. Chair: Søren Overgaard. O101

12.00 Lunch

13.00-14:30 Parallel Sessions

Seeing Things: Husserlian Views on Intentionality and Perception

Chair: Charlotta Weigelt

Room: O104

Social Life and the Experience of Others

Chair: Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir

Room: O105


Metaphors, Language and Texts

Chair: Ingvild Torsen

Room: O106


Voices, Speech and Communication

Chair:  Anthony Smith

Room: G139


Alessandro Salice: Husserl and Disjunctivism: Reply to Overgaard

Sören Overgaard: In Defence of a Dogma: A Husserlian Argument for the Inadequacy of Perception

Kentaro Ozeki: Phenomenological Models for Possibility and Intentionality:
Hintikka’s Interpretation of Noema Revisited

Eric Chelstrom: Remediating Oppressive Social Horizons: Embodied Practices of Sense and Trans-Others

Thomas J. Spiegel: Cringe

Antonio Cimino: Lifestyle as a Philosophical Problem: A Phenomenological Outline

Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir: Liberating Language: Gendlin and Nietzsche on the Refreshing Power of Metaphors

Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir: Sensing and thinking from within: the aesthetics of thinking

Peter Antich: Levinas and Perceiving the Good

Donovan Stewart: On Articulation: Technique Before the Pharmakon 

Minna-Kerttu Maarja Kekki: Empathy in Media-based Communication: Implementing Edith Stein’s Concept of Wortleib  

Gústav Adolf Bergmann Sigurbjörnsson: Speech and Empathy – Against the Parallelism View

14.30 Coffee break: Háskólatorg.

15.00-16.30 Parallel Sessions

Panel: Imagination as Method

Chair: Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir

Room: O104

Heidegger, Truth and Event

Chair: Charlotta Weigelt

Room: O105

Comparing Methodologies

Chair: Björn Þorsteinsson

Room: O106

Rethinking Well-being and Clinical Methodologies

Chair: Nanna Hlín Halldórsdóttir

Room: G139

Christian Ferencz-Flatz: Operationalizing Perceptual Phantasy

Delia Popa: Moving Phantasy

Andreea Smaranda Aldea: Self-Imagining, Re-collection, and the Future Perfect – Husserl’s radikale Selbstbesinnung and the Imagining Narrativity of the Self



Jens Kristian Larsen: Naked Souls and Bare Arguments: Categorical Intuition in Plato’s Theaetetus

Ørjan Steiro Mortensen: A New Paradigm of Truth: On Badiou's Interpretation of Heidegger.

Ingvild Torsen: Heidegger’s artwork as measure and event

Henriikka Hannula: Wilhelm Dilthey and Carl Stumpf on the Relationship between Psychology and Epistemology

Christian Lotz: Marx, Husserl, and Crisis

Marco Piasentier: Methodological Convergences between Naturalism and Critical Theory

Ragna Winniewski: The Synaesthetic Self in Engaged Phenomenology and Embodied Therapy in Dementia: Multisensory Methodologies toward Well-being

Mads Gram Henriksen: Psychiatric Comorbidity: A Phenomenological Critique

Mindaugas Briedis: Phenomenology of Imaging Bio-Pathologies: The Question of Primacy in Detecting Diagnostic Phenomena in Image-based Medicine

16.30 NoSP Business Meeting: O101.

19.00 Conference Dinner: Kornhlaðan, Bankastræti 2.


Saturday April 29th

10.00 Coffee: Háskólatorg.

10.30 Keynote Lecture. Dermot Moran: The Sphere of Ownness, Mineness (Jemeinigkeit), and the Sensuality of Self Experience: Phenomenological Explorations. Chair: Björn Þorsteinsson. O101.

11.45 Lunch.

13.00-15:00 Parallel Sessions.

Panel: Neurophenomenology and Beyond
Chair: Søren Overgaard
Room: O104

Panel: Methodology in Phenomenological Anthropology
Chair: Björn Þorsteinsson
Room: O105

Embodiment, Imagination and Political Ontology
Chair: Ingvild Torsen
Room: O106

Sound and the Senses
Chair: Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir
Room: G139

Felipe León: Neurophenomenology and Critical Neuroscience: Mapping the Terrain

Harald Wiltsche: Science, Naivety, and the Promise of Neurophenomenology

Kristin Zeiler: A Merleau-Pontinian Take on Neurophenomenology

Eleanor Byrne: Phenomenology, psychiatry and the new wave


Anthony Vincent Fernandez: How Phenomenology Justifies Empirical Methods: The Case of Apprenticeship in Anthropology

Bernhard Leistle: Erwin Straus’ “Spectrum of the Senses” as Contribution to Phenomenological-Cultural Anthropology

Sarah Pini: Embodying Otherness, Reconsidering Illness: An Autoethnographic Phenomenological Approach

Jared Epp: Making Bad Movies: An Experiment in Collaborative Research Practice

Kristian Klockars: Experientially Anchored Immanent Critique and Political Ontology

Mattias Lehtinen: Embodied Political Imagination: Reconfiguring Political Imaginaries to Account for Embodied Experientiality

Ville Suuronen: Heimatgefühl: On the Affective Ground of Judgement in the Work of Hannah Arendt

Astrid Grelz: Sensible Exaggeration and ‘Systematik Après Coup’: Philosophizing with Günther Anders at the Intersection between Metaphysics and Journalism

Andrzej Krawiec: Search for a New Methodology to Analyse the Hidden Phenomenality of a Musical Work

Remus Breazu: The Surpass of Every Measure of the Senses. On the Sublime

Thor Magnusson: A Phenomenology of Instrumental Intent

Martin Nitsche: Sonic phenomenology: an audition-centered phenomenological methodology for describing sonic environments


15.00 Break

15.15 Panel. Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir, Donata Schoeller and Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir: Walking the Talk: Putting the Experiential and Embodied Turn into Practice in Training Philosophical Thinking and Understanding

16.15 Closing